LG Optimus P500

Sales of smartphone LG Optimus one P500 began in Russia in early December 2010, at the moment the smartphone is gaining momentum in sales. Let's find out the reasons why we should buy This smartphone, which he so good? 1. Price. The main reason for buying LG Optimus one P500 can serve as its price. At the moment it is sold in salons mobile for as low as 9990r. For the money this level smartphone just is not found. 2. Functional.

LG Optimus one P500 functional device. If you're a fan of computer games, then you can become a portable gaming device. Love watching movies? Please! Load the movies downloaded from the Internet without convert, move them to a stick in your smartphone. At lunchtime you can enjoy already my favorite movie. 3. Design. Design of the LG Optimus one P500 is simply magnificent! The case is made of plastic, called Soft Touch. At touch, it seems that the phone is covered with a layer of rubber.

Due to this, LG Optimus one does not slip in hand, at the touch of it is left imprints of his fingers. Also, the buttons blend harmoniously into the design and very easy to operate. 4. Specifications. It is unclear how the South Korean firm LG was able to set the price of LG Optimus one P500 such as processor and memory. Competitors with similar characteristics are 50% more of the smartphone. 5. Operating system. In LG Optimus one P500 is running ANDROID 2.2, which is currently the latest and most modern. Producers also said that LG Optimus one P500 will update to Android 2.3. What is good news! 6. Wi-FI. Representatives, that in anticipation of the station or the airport you're not just playing Tetris or a primitive game on the phone, and check your e-mail or chatting with friends and classmates are doing it for free, as in LG Optimus one P500 already has a built-in Wi-Fi-controller entry, which allows you to connect anywhere in the network to Wi-Fi. 7. Installing applications. Now you do not have to wrestle with where to find a particular toy or program. In LG Optimus one P500 is already installed Program Android market, allowing you to install games and applications without hassle. Simply select the application and then install – installs itself. At the moment, the android-market of more than 1 million. applications. 8. GPS. Now you can forget about buying the GPS receiver in the car. Since in the LG Optimus one P500 is already available GPS-navigator, who works with applications such as Navitel and iGO. Which can also be downloaded from the Android market. 9. Memory. LG Optimus one P500 is a modern product of a new generation, and therefore supports the installation of flash memory cards up to 32GB, so you can always carry a large collection of movies, music, books, yes anything! 10. Performance. With a powerful processor and more RAM LG Optimus one P500 will never slow down and hover, allowing you to truly enjoy all the charms of this smart phone. Smartphone LG Optimus one P500 truly is the first among cost smartphones running on the operating system, Android. If you want a modern, fast, inexpensive smartphone is the best option for you would be LG Optimus one P500.