Noble Bauelementede

Information about high-quality components the new Internet portal noble which is special the construction platform delivers the clarity of presentation, all high-quality producing construction element manufacturers from all over Germany. The portal on its pages of companies from all over Europe will present in the course of time. Visitors now can see what else must be taken together in painstaking research work from magazines or on the Internet at a glance. Currently positioned under the headings of fireplaces, stoves, furniture, floor coverings, building, window seals and letter boxes. A rapid expansion in all areas around the topic of high-quality components is also planned, such as an increasing internationalization of the provider. Baba that the user gets all the information fast, open and serious one-stop the founders of platform around developer Arben is important.

It aims to represent information as effectively as possible and customer-friendly and without Third-party advertising and the often dominant editorial topics. In contrast to the usual information portals is our pure information in the foreground. In the area around the building, we see a huge market gap, previously serviced by any information portal in this way on the Internet. Since noble specialize in high-quality, fine and exclusive components.” The construction platform sees itself as a network between producing high quality providers and users on the other side. Users will be active in the development of the page involved.

So were implemented, for example, in the three-month test phase, opinions from users, as well as by manufacturers. In the coming months, the page is constantly optimized, extended the offer and added many new features. Company address / press contact: Arben BA noble Klingsorstrasse 36-42 D-12167 Berlin Tel. (0049) 30 / 7715037 fax (0049) 30 / 7715056 email: Web: