Madrid Families

A place already exists in Madrid in which parents and mothers can count on the best method and the professionals more prepared to fight with the problem of the lice in the hair of their children. Bye Piojito is the name chosen by two enterprising ones for its center, that applies a safe treatment, fast and effective, that solves the problem, so that the children return soon to the classrooms with the healthy hair. Vanesa Arce and Elisa of the Riva worked together in the real estate sector, until this it crossed the problems that all we know. Both were put to think then about developing that enterprising side that all we have and that we do not see necessary to wake up until the things come twisted . Both, that have children to his around, saw a niche of market in the problem of the lice and something was put to look for the best existing solution in the market had to exist, remember to have thought. At this point to somebody must to him have happened an effective and lasting solution. Thus it is as they gave with impeller LouseBuster the air: device designed to kill and to eliminate liendres and lice in a single application, created and developed in EE.UU., studied and authorized by the FDA (Department of Control of Foods and Medecines of the United States), and that has obtained the seal of the Council of Europe, on the fortune of which it still did not count on presence in Spain, and seemed the definitive form to congeniar putting independently a business with helping to hundreds, thousand desperate mothers and parents by this problem appellant, assures both partners. An increasing number of mothers and parents sees that the traditional remedies against the lice (champs chemical, combs for liendres and the homemade formulas) are ineffective. .