Make Up

Mascara and shadow gives an expressive look, lipstick draws attention to the seductive lips, blush animate the face, and hair products to help him create a worthy setting. All this – make up the concept of 'Make Up', and although each of them in their own way is important, but none yet is not principal. In contrast to the foundation – the basis of any make-apa. Indeed, in cosmetics, as well as in painting: no paint will serve not as it should, if the canvas was not good primed. Read more here: BSA. A professional make-up a priori implies the use of colors. Mistake to think that it is only necessary as a means of camouflage that hides imperfections. Even if your face in a perfect condition, you should not abandon tonal framework, and not just for evening makeup.

Most of the tones of creams available for different skin types. Cinematic history Did you know that the emergence of tonal cream, we are obliged to cinema? This is a cosmetic product was invented 90 years ago, the legendary master of make-up by a notorious Max Factor – our former compatriots, among other things. Future celebrity was born Russia, in the city of (now the territory of Poland). As a youth he worked in opera, where the actors' makeup, and then for nearly a decade was an expert on makeup in the court of Nicholas ii. But early last century, before Revolution, prudently moved to America in Los Angeles. His famous invention of Max Factor made while working make-up artist in Hollywood.