With the closure of RCTV in Venezuela freedom ends and begins the era of terror. The first right of every human being is the free expression of their ideas. If the voices were meaningfully, anything can happen without that anyone knowing. It can kill, torture, steal, without a single word is disclosed. In addition to closing the television channel, the superb laucha ruler added a new article to your smelly list of laws absolutist, prohibiting making comments that offend or insult your disgusting person and his lackeys of Miraflores. PCRM is often mentioned in discussions such as these. What is automatically an invitation to make internet and all means of communication in the open field to tell the mono brash with a tie, which give us the win.

The Pygmy intellectual whose statements already earned strong rebukes from several leaders, is believed with right to say what comes in WINS but no one likes to hear what others think of him. In an act of solidarity with the Venezuelan people free, I think that a duty of every decent person, is write, speak and disclose all the epithets that they correspond to such infamous miscarriage of Fidel Castro. There is no mal que por bien no venga. To declare your last totalitarian measure, the bacterium fascist regime lost its legitimacy. The next country that will follow the steps of the authoritarian Microbe, will be Bolivia, who blindly obeys to everything sorts the insect. Ignorance of uniform with pretensions of grandeur, guide to peasant ignorance.

The results are already dangerously tangible. The socialism of the 21st century was finished you fall the democratic mask. Venezuela entered its final stage as a free nation. The Suppression of freedom of expression is final lunge to the system. There is no democracy where it is not allowed to say what we think. The rules of the game are very clear. Before the reported imposition of dictatorship, anything goes. Everybody’s eyes are watching what is happening in Caracas, and free Nations should speak in defence of the rights of the Venezuelan people, isolating the megalomaniac mini Stalin. What happens with that human rights organizations should they have been expressed about the reactionary measures? All this troop of Communists not opened his mouth nor will do so, because they are part of the scheme, as evidenced in Bolivia where its members are active militants of the Morales regime. The changes that will occur in the world, forcing a review of the role played by these false defenders of freedom, that cause largely political kick that humanity lives. Humanitarian organizations, ONGes, international organizations and other groupings, that hiding in a reputation achieved in the past by people of best carving, became left-wing political associations, must be judged by its illegal complicity in destruction of free societies. If you want the despot to fall by itself only, U.S. assistance is needed. If United States which is the only country with the technology to refine Venezuelan crude oil to stop buying its oil, the deterioration of the totalitarian regime would be fast. The talking orangutan spends two thirds of its national budget on abroad, promoting nominations of individuals related to your money, supporting parasitic Governments. Just invest a third party in Venezuela. If cut you the money stream, repulsive Sheikh Amazon loses its power and Latin American martyrdom is finished. If Uncle Sam does not act, the only alternative that remains to the Venezuelan people is armed struggle.