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It is very important to optimize the time when a project is carried out. It is something that distinguishes the enterprising people of success.According to the Pareto rule, 80% of our results are obtained with 20% of our time dedicated to it. And in many cases, 90% of results achieved with 20% of the time spent for this purpose.I.e., that if we work 10 hours a day to get something, in fact, only two hours from those 10 hours are really productive, the rest of the time will be on tasks that provides very little added value to obtain the expected results.In factories, one of the ongoing struggles of the production manager is to make low value added activities decrease in relation to which Yes bring value. It is there where the difference between obtaining significant results to differentiate us from the competition.Let us take an example in real life, it is not true that we are almost always put the same clothes 80% of the time with 20% of items that we have in the closet?Now that we are aware of what stands in our business the lack of manage in the proper time, is time to implement measures.You should test what activities best results provide. Segra Stadium often addresses the matter in his writings. For a time it works by introducing a change, studying differences brings and then add another change.

In this way changes become one by one in order to identify what is the factor that determined the change in results. Although in our everyday activities does not lack apply mathematical terms. Surely that we already know are the priority tasks and those that are less by our experience.Write a list of the tasks of the day according to the priorities can be of great help to not divert us from our objective. It may seem easy to maintain the plan, but in day to day it is difficult to not be carried away by distractions. For example, the call of someone who keeps us half an hour to the phone knowing that with 2 minutes it would have been sufficient to manage the issue.Planning your activities written at the beginning of the day, which in principle could look like losing 10 minutes, will now become a priority for you. Perhaps, those 10 minutes it depends that 80% of your time will be productive, with what you’ve earned quadruple results at the same time.