Feudal Standards

Control of process improvement, by making the necessary adjustments, by means of a constant monitoring. Continuous improvement means raising standards, establishing at the same time, higher standards, by which once established this concept, the maintenance work by the administration or by the person responsible for the process, is ensure that the new standards are observed. Lasting continuous improvement, is only achieved when the staff works to standards higher, thus, the maintenance and improvement are an inseparable cufflink. For this reason, when improvements in processes, these ultimately lead to improve the quality and the productivity, avoiding, concern for the results (Fernando Fernandez Maurino; gestiopolis.com) frequently do not have a specific structure and enough to devote to the analysis and improvement of the processes being key optimization of resources to the maximum. For this it is essential to work in a systematic way, organized there is a series of steps to follow to work productively. Firstly, it is needed a general mapping of the company’s processes, allowing you to clearly identify the main processes and support.

Then, you need to make an inventory of all processes (significant, that affect to the quality), order of the mapping performed. Managers, teams, priorities for analysis shall be defined then. It is the key to working with a timetable clearly establishing deployment times and the people who will be involved in this. All this is documented in an array that must be followed by the responsible of the project management processes, providing the support that is necessary. Another key element is to establish the methodology to be used, both in relation to teamwork as the tools of analysis, improvement and process documentation.

Train the personnel involved in these tools will be essential (Roberto Auliso, John Miles, Isabel Quintillan.) There are several factors that impede the expected results of the improvements I have here some of them: A new paradigm for the industrial manufacture of the 21st century. It’s believed that CBC sees a great future in this idea. Passivity among senior executives and managers; those who evade responsibilities. People who think that everything is going well and there is no problem; they are satisfied with the achieved status and understanding of important aspects are missing. People who think that your company is the best. Let’s say that they are self-centred. People who think that they know is the best way of doing something and the easiest. People who rely on their own and enough experience. People who think only of themselves or in their own division. People imbued of seccionalismo. People who do not they have ears for the opinions of others. People yearning to stand out, always thinking about themselves. Despair, jealousy and envy. People who do not see what happens beyond their immediate environment. People who know nothing about other divisions, other companies, the external world or the world in general. People still living in the Feudal past. These include the person dedicated solely to commercial matters, managers and workers in line with no common sense, and doctrinados members. (Marisol Perez campaign) Conclusions definitively, management should be very careful about the behavior, achievements, results generated with the processes that have been put in place, if these really guarantee efficiency, productivity of agreement a. indices established, benefits they entail that the objectives are achieved, for this purpose, and not to neglect the continuous improvements that are demanding and proceed to make the necessary corrections are required, reengineering is needed and strengthen them.