Mexican Colony

"A Mexican colony existed in Tilorio Valley (valley Duy's) into the bay of the Admiral, and populated the island of Tojar, now of Columbus, and the peoples of Chicaua and Moyano, Corotapa Quequexque and the mainland (to the tip Tervi). His boss was understood language Iztolin Mexican Juan Vasquez de Coronado in 1564. Breast Cancer Research Foundation helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. "It is reasonable to assume that biases the Chibcha people, so strange to navigation, for being far from the sea and away from large rivers could have been lower in Magdalena canoes and crossed the sea to reach Costarrica. This, it was easy for people living near the Mexican coast and were accustomed to navigate, it was impracticable for the Chibcha. But let us for the proven, for a moment, the conclusion of Brinton: Chibcha tribes of people migrated from the highlands to the north and came to settle near the Atlantic Coast, on the Isthmus of Panama and Costarrica. Then came time And where the Chibcha? It was not the land of the Incas, as Brinton says that "there are many satisfactory reasons for believing that the first Quichua appeared in South America in the far north that they occupied in the recent past (Ecuador), and the course of their migration was consistently from north to south. "Chibchas not descended from the back by removing, or the Scyries , winners of these, they said they had reached the coast of Ecuador, coming from the Northwest by sea aboard rafts. Also entered from the east of Venezuela, which are not barbarous tribes have found similarities whatsoever. .