On the other hand appear diseases that are enigmas for doctors, in an era where natural disasters occur with increasingly faster and more dramatic. The voices of politicians are just as confusing as the men of the Church. Seeking solutions but the current stagnation of the economy they only get benefits banks and large capital, its insatiable Maw must be crammed with more and more money. However the middle class remains barely afloat, holding to your little flame in extinction. Contradictorily priests, who are sitting on their billions, appealed in his sermons, more than ever, hypocritically to make charitable actions to alleviate the great poverty that many people live in body and soul. These preachers preach donate love of neighbor, but his love for the personal capital is so great that they yearn to continue increasing it, trapping his sheep lost in the fold of the payments they have to make. For them the teachings of the Nazarene long ago that they have left the road in place have been dogmas, rituals, sacraments, worship and called bulls, are occasionally made to pay. But this does not prevent many people raise the voice with increasingly stronger and recognize: so cannot go!.

And indeed so it cannot continue, since land does not give more welcoming to the saqueador people that depletes the Earth and torture animals in the most cruel way. Already Jesus de Nazareth prophesied and warned his words to mankind from the end of this world and for more than 30 years the spirit of Christ is manifested through his instrument and warns again the humanity of this time, of what had been already announced many prophets that would take place if mankind did not change his behavior. This time is now before the doors of many people and here and there already has crossed its threshold.