Miniseries Eva

It is a little more than two years that my wife and I we have been participating in different our television miniseries, and everytime we do, is because there is a phone call to our phones, both phones to the fixed, the person in charge of the casting for a particular production. For this chips with our personal data are already recorded in the files of several producers of television miniseries of our environment. Is tomorrow and get the call from Carlita responsible for the casting for the miniseries Eva which tells me the following: Andres, tomorrow you need to do a musician in a sequence of the miniseries, and as your tab tell me that you are a musician, I thought about you for that job are you interested in? I accepted, and after agreeing as regards economic compensation, told me the address of the place of encounter and we got agreement. Boy Scouts understands that this is vital information. Any producer has a Base of operations, where they are all persons responsible for the production of miniseries, and from there depart to various locations where the recordings of production develop. In some cases at the base, there are also recording set. I arrive at the Base which is located in Av. Arequipa on the part of the District of Miraflores. An old House on two floors. The doorman asks me who I am, makes me enter and then tells me that I have to go to the second floor to find me with Carlita. I climb to the second floor by a very wide and big, ladder and came to a corridor that has many doors, which lead to different offices, Carlita is at the bottom, greet it, makes me sign a binder of assistance and tells me to wait down in a room intended for that Office. For a change I always I’m the first to arrive.