Moscow State University

Which, apparently, by this time, too, with divided Circassia, I do not know really how. Zalikhanov deputy and his supporters seem to know … And the Congress Adyghe social organization, where condemned such separatist plans, suddenly voiced the idea of widening the Circassian regions into a single republic. Is that "our response to Curzon"? What are the initiators of the best proponents of the "independent Balkaria"? Not would be advisable to first all in this schemer map to explore and think about how this will be done, and even preferably without bloodshed. Think about how you divide large multinational city be? By the way, do not would be advisable to have Russian, too, their opinion to ask. Nieman Foundation shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. I recall that in Kabardino-Balkaria, for example, two areas Prohladnensky and May, with a predominantly Russian population, the capital of Nalchik – multinational.

And if Prohladnensky and May also choose to areas of the Stavropol Territory to be asked, tired of "sitting on a powder keg" or "sleeping volcano"? And really do not have to humor – then we have the North Caucasian Wahhabis caliphate build collected, some MPs – a separate "Balkaria", some public figures – "Great Cherkessia." What multinational Russian Federation has already died? No like, write this on June 12, just a day public holiday the Day of Russia. Or Moscow to these plans would react favorably, according to the authors? As for the words "supporting the policy of consolidation of Russian Regions", then the sponsors Circassian Olympics obviously disingenuous. Vladimir Zhirinovsky, for example, generally offered to "enlarge" Here every one of the North Caucasian province. You is the "integration" should be? In conclusion, I want to remember about a wonderful guy, whose memory is rightly revere the same Abkhazian volunteers. On Naurzhanove Ibrahim, who was the first volunteer from Kabardino-Balkaria, was killed in Abkhazia during the 1992 war. . I studied with him at the same rate then of History and Philology KBSU in before my departure for Moscow State University.

I only on the philological, and he – the history department. The military department in the same platoon were. Ibrahim was a good student, keenly interested in the history of his people. That he is the author of the thumbnail recreated a modern Circassian flag with 12 stars and three crossed arrows. Ibrahim loved sports, I remember calling all along the climb to Mount Elbrus, but he was totally alien to some narrow-minded nationalism. I, Russian guy, he is invariably called a friend Olezhka. However, our generation in general, the disease of nationalism have been infected. It is now something "friendship of peoples deteriorated" in the apt definition of Mikhail Zadornov. In Abkhazia Ibrahim then went on Naurzhanov desire to protect the soul akin to the Abkhaz people. I do not think that he now would have approved of any actions that could split the republic, to plunge the entire North Caucasus region in ethnic conflicts. He knew, what this means!