Elaboration Rio

The unevenness enters the contribution areas and of the soil erosions significant and when it is not worked of form adjusted it tends to promote moments in the regolito for force of the action of pluvial waters. Consideraes Final the urbanization modifies the landscapes, ground, geomorfologia, hdrico regimen, fauna, flora and even though the micron climate, and new landscapes are formed in the process of installation of infrastructures as waters, sewer, energy, houses, asfaltos and etc. For Guerra and Maral, (2006, p.28). Fast growth cause a significant pressure on the urban environment, having the varied consequences more, such as atmospheric pollution, of the ground and waters, landslides, floods etc. The increase of the urban populations was characteristic of the Brazilian cities of great, average transport and small, however the processes of urbanization in many cities are developed great ambient problems as occupation of risk area, areas of ambient preservation in end inclined areas the great catastrophes ambient human beings and, as the notified ones in the of the state of Rio de Janeiro coast, with great movement of mass due to rains and occupation of risk area and volunteer. The formation of soil erosions in the Quarter Garden of the Buritis, and an example clearly of bad urban planning, the area in question is an area of permanent preservation, with springs and trails and lagoons delinquents of the river San Francisco. The planning lack stops with pluvial waters and torrents formed in the quarter high are another factor, determinative for formation of the soil erosions in the quarter garden of the Buritis, it has seen that the volume of waters generated by the quarters is enormous, and the formation of erosions and only one transference of the problem of torrent waters.