Nectar Education

Spiritual intelligence is a very complete and unparalleled unique intelligence, with it we are to achieve the lighting, will arrive to become aware of the truth. In our educational environment and as teachers it is very necessary that we should give us mind our daily live and let a reflection, as we are, how we feel, how we act, to where we know, how we interact with people, with our own consciousness, we can achieve this through spiritual intelligence. Because education is mainly an encounter between human beings to learn about all of life. In conclusion to reaffirm and note that through a comprehensive practical and spiritual intelligence all can obtain and pacify the spiritual need that from the very inside us screams and demands that the truth itself reaches our eyes, our ears and our minds and let us be, be the one who us guide and with the perfection of which we are madekeep us in the natural state that is happiness, happiness that lives to be attached to our being, allowing us to enjoy the Nectar of happiness. Now with this knowledge integrated in all my senses it invades me a profound joy to realize that I am consciousness, same awareness that I’ve looked, and that I am to reach the end of the road, at the end of the search that years ago started in my life. I end with this sentence of Ramon Gallegos, that I will keep in my thought and it will be part of me. While you keep seeing being, being won’t let you look because they are one and the same.