World Gillette

Gillette Fusion ” navega” in the Volvo Ocean RACE the 2008 from Alicante Valencian Comunitat welcomes east year the exit of the Volvo Ocean RACE, Return to the World of Candle. The nautical competition will leave from Alicante the 11 October the 2008. Tenth edition 2008-2009 of this regata around the world by scales, in which the best navigators only dare to live in extreme conditions, part for the first time from the Mediterranean. Alicante will be anfitriona of the most important stage of regata. Gillette is east profiteer scene to approach its new Gillette product Fusion its consumers.

Fusion is the first product that removes to the market the North American mark since outside bought by Procter & Gamble. One is a two range that include maquinillas to shave, normal and a other with motor, as well as gels and lotion it stops after the shaved one. Within Volvo RACE Village Antenna 3 Events have implanted stand with totally functional washings where the horsemen will be able to prove in situ new the Gillette Power Fusion and to take kit complete of shaved Gillette Fusion. Antenna 3 Events has contracted to all the human resources Aplus Field Marketing made up of image stewardesses who cross all the Village using segways to inform to the horsemen and to invite to them to prove and to verify precise and effective it of the shaved one with Fusion. The Village offers more than 40 gratuitous daily activities and for all the public in whom near 500 professionals they attend the public in the services and attractions. The Village, that is greatest than never it has been constructed in the history of the Volvo Ocean RACE, will remain open until next the 11 of October, day of exit of the first stage of the competition.

It will every day abrir to the 10:00 hours and closes to the 24:00 hours, except the week ends, that closing its activities to the 02:00 of the dawn. Near 200,000 people they have happened through the Village of the Port of Alicante in the first ten days of opening, in spite of rains fallen in the last days. This number breaks all the forecasts, since not even officials of days 4 and 11 have begun regatas of October, nor the Pro-A.m. exhibition of the 5 of October, dates in which the greater affluence of public is expected. The market of the shaved one moves in Spain 265 million Euros. Eight million men already are shaved with Gillette and to them it goes directed the new product of the mark. Aplus Field Marketing wants to thank for all the personnel who has participated in the campaign, to organizers of the Volvo Ocean RACE, to Procter & Gamble and to the personnel of Antena3 Events, all the collaboration and coexistence during these days.