New Book Title: Hand On The Bag. The Gay Response To

The Butze Publishing announces the release of its new gay book title. The hand on the bag! What seems at first like the gay response to moist areas, emerges quickly as a collection of erotic stories from the gay world, who like to waive the mention of unsavory tasks. Those hoping for such descriptions, sure will be disappointed. Gay were so long enough in the grubby corner. It isn’t about love in the present stories, exciting encounters and dreams, of which some people fulfilled go and others. It is particularly delicate eingefleischter divided, if the author is preparing, the supposedly impregnable bastion”to conquer. If initial rejection or reserve turns into reckless abandon, the goal is reached.

Where never is the pure carnal pleasure in the foreground. Always also a mental must be matched. Like a good wine blend the flavors to a bouquet, two strangers must find each other. A touch of romance so. The Author K. R. Adam about his work: Each adventure enriched the treasure chest of memories.

In each new relationship you learn and tried errors you last committed, should be avoided. That leaves the people mature and experienced approach to things. In the end, the recognition that everyone despite partner or family, basically alone remains. He is alone in the world and is alone again. No one accompanied him on the final journey. It’s called regardless of whether one has played a major role on the world stage or has appeared as an extra in appearance only what lies in between, life. That’s why you should enjoy life every day so, as if it were the last. The book is now available in the trade. More details and a sample, visit the Publisher Web page title: hand on the bag author: K. R. Adam soft cover, 176 pages ISBN 978-3-940611-11-6 Publisher: Butze publishing price: 14.95 corporate information: the Butze Verlag is a creative, Lesbian Gay Publisher for books, audiobooks and Radio plays and was newly established in early July 2007 – one of the few that explicitly talks about the gay segment as target group. The focus of Homo affine audiobooks currently only rarely found in the market. The audience it aims to offer a variety of different genres. The company headquartered in the high North is committed therefore to the task, to discover creative talents and target groups to place their works in the market.