New Verdict From The 11 To The Eligibility Of Residual Value Special Offers

Law firm Andrea Sautter informs about new judgment of the District Court judgment Stuttgart from the 11 to the eligibility of residual value offers on the 11 to the eligibility of residual value offers. The law offices of Andrea Sautter informs what has changed through this judgment. If a residual value proposition promptly goes to the injured after a traffic accident and he has not yet sold his car, he needs to this offer yourself have, if it is otherwise content acceptable. Content acceptable principle is a binding offer, the injured party by means of a call at a specified phone number can assume and where a collector the vehicle for the injured free of charge after consultation with this pick and paid cash.(Principles of the Amtsgericht Stuttgart). The expert opinion of the plaintiff side had a residual value of EUR 50 for the totally damaged vehicle. The opposing insurance had the claimant but a binding offer of residual value a non local Aufkaufers submit to over 870 EUR. This offer was acceptable in terms of content, according to local Court Stuttgart, because there was a binding purchase offer in which the vehicle guaranteed free of charge should be picked up from the present location and paid.

To accept a call at the phone number was sufficient. It doesn’t matter that the offer not from the area of the plaintiff came because the offer donors would have picked up the vehicle and no higher costs or greater uncertainty would imposed on the claimant, as at an offer from the regional market. The offer was also time still acceptable. Anyway, as long as the claimant has not yet sold his vehicle after a traffic accident, he must be adhere to a residual value proposition, which promptly and in otherwise acceptable way leads to the wrongdoer or whose insurance him. Thus the victim must then, if he his car cheaper sold to access of such a purchase offer on an other collector, the difference (here: 820,00 EUR) by the opposing Insurance can be drawn off. Contact: Law firm Andrea of Sachin owner: Andrea SAUTTER Wackerstein road 32 72793 Pfullingen Tel: 07121/506252 fax: 07121/576257 email: Web site: