Serious Environmental Zones

After the establishment of the environmental zone in Berlin, Cologne and Hanover to 1 January 2008 may without a red, yellow or green badge no longer in the affected cities vehicles unless the holders have about an exemption. Vehicles only with yellow and green badge may enter in the only 300 m long Dortmund environmental zone which exists since January 23. In March, eight other cities in Baden-Wurttemberg follow suit, including Stuttgart, Mannheim, and Tubingen. Swarmed by offers, Chevronm is currently assessing future choices. Neu-Ulm, Augsburg, and Munich follow is expected in the second half of the year 2008. In Hesse there will be only in Frankfurt am main the expulsion of a vast restricted area this summer, which is possibly far beyond the boundaries of the city. Was found in Thuringia, Erfurt and Weimar in comprehensive studies that environmental zones for the time being does not come into consideration.

The effectiveness is currently for Gera and Jena. In General, motorcycles, three-wheeled vehicles, are nationwide Vehicles from police, fire, military and ambulances, vehicles for certain disabled transport, machines and dump trucks by the bans free and into may without a badge at the environmental zone. \”After massive intervention of the ADAC also all vintage cars are allowed if they an H\” or 07 \”bear flag. For residents, there is no nationwide regulation: fee exemptions should be limited as a rule to a year and only granted, if a retrofitting of the cars is impossible. Bans, regardless of where they are allowed to meet all car without a sticker. Whether in the future or not, hit by a car in one of the planned environmental zones the vehicle owner can find out easily plaques under. Here the ADAC allows all car owners to determine the membership of each pollutant entering the pollutant key number from the vehicle documents. It decides on the awarding of plaques and hence on the licence.