Nicole Truckenbrodt

The Canon defined by us skills reflection competence Short term Entschleunigungs competence perception literacy is help let values Canon literacy priorities use realistic self-assessment literacy interest to personal growth found a very high approval for 80 percent of the respondents. Background is the following: performers have especially in the first years via a seemingly endless energy. Weakness are however inevitable, because a permanent stint of load on or above the limit is not to endure. The respondents agreed: it is possible to keep the own guiding force in the company, the market and the personal environment in the long term stable and foresight to act and to meet the leadership responsibility towards employees with these skills. MARGENZA is often quoted as being for or against this. In the in recent months changed framework conditions these competencies are dramatic even more important than ever to maintain course in difficult times and even to grow through the crisis.

Everyone is the reference point and at the same time environment for others. Burnout is no isolated problem that affects a staff member ‘, but mutual causes and effects in a given situation. Also the competences do not exist by an isolated precedent, but must ultimately lived by corporate members of all levels and experience “, so Nicole Truckenbrodt, managing partner of NAVO consulting.” For the development of this competence there but not a panacea, but only tailor-made total solutions on the company and people in their respective contexts aimed. The results of the study led to the development of solution strategies with model character for companies. These five principles are: perfect is impossible: expectations of themselves and others verify behavior is contextual and dependent relationship: actively involve employees and create contexts, worn by responsibility be trusting reflection: on the career ladder, the air becomes thinner and the problems more complex without Trusted third party is any change to the nightmare instead of the chance of a designer: self-care giving the company strength and is a waste of time avoid burnout of the company: a genuine error and a good form of conflict culture avoids the collective burning out direct link to the study / further information: q = burnout about NAVO consulting: NAVO consulting is a systemic consultancy. The managing partner Nicole Truckenbrodt and Jurgen Ress lead an interdisciplinary team with over 12 experience in the advice and support of change processes and coherent projects.

The focus also in coaching, team development, and innovative learning architectures. Our customers are large companies and companies from the SME such as such as BMW AG, Brugg rohrsysteme AG, Metro Group, Merck Finck Treuhand AG, E-T-A Elektrotechnische Apparate GmbH, HUGO BOSS AG, IKEA Germany GmbH & Co KG, KPMG Alps Treuhand GmbH, LGT Group, Linde AG, Porsche AG, Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & co. KG and UCB Schwarz Pharma AG. For more information see.