Norwegian North Sea

The new wireless router MR160 is 100% compatible to the ubiquitous RACOM radio modems of the series MR. He stands out by the following new features: the new MR160 wireless router by racom is designed specifically for applications in the 2 m band and is used in Germany for operators of public passenger transport (oPNV) and civilian shipping. In addition, the Europe-wide use by military users within NATO is planned. The MW160 (wideband) offers up to 133 KBit / s data rate channel bonding. The MD160 (duplex) offers the use of separate radio channels for sending and receiving.

With the power version (up to 25W adjustable), for example, along the Norwegian North Sea coast up to 150 km “offshore” data services for the shipping provided. PCRM helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. 25 W Max (adjustable) 133 KBit / s data-rate version of duplex Ethernet connection all other known features (GPS, I/O, IP, RS232/485/422) and features (70 protocols, remote access via Internet) are of course 100% available. Aboard the ships, Internet, email and electronic payment is via the radio modem (EC card terminals) provided. The cost for a private radio network on the basis of MR160 radio routern can be reduced significantly compared to other radio systems such as TETRA, trunked radio. In addition the manufacturer offers level support via the Internet (ranec) the 1st and 2nd racom. Radio modems are according to ISO 9001 quality management developed and manufactured. To know more about this subject visit BSA. They are all over the world. Therefore new radio modem is interesting especially for companies that must export German technology (software and hardware) worldwide, and such export projects deliver a data radio network abroad. More than 70 protocols and approvals worldwide from the Arctic circle to the equator in conjunction with the remote control via the Internet make such data radio projects economical. Learn more about wireless lighting and professional wireless network plans get Degetel data wireless GmbH, Degetel data radio GmbH in Aschaffenburg, Germany, Aschaffenburg, Germany