The first time that I was knowing of it was reading an article of the Joo Ubaldo Ribeiro. nothing more proper to define all we, the otariado one. We go to reason: the taxes in Brazil are beirando the house of 40% of that we produce, certain? At the moment where I wrote this article, the Impostmetro (www.impostometro.org.br) already walked to register R$104 billions only in janeiro/2011 and the month nor the least finished. It means that this immense volume of money goes for only three instances? municipal theatre, state and federal? whose administrators have the incumbency to distribute the wealth, benefiting all the society. I would say that, in the hypothesis to be all honest and well intentioned ones, nor that they had dons the holy ghosts would be capable of good to fulfill task so great complex. Of this money all, how much you find that she comes back stops benefiting in them? Impostmetro says in that they could decide them the deficit of popular houses, or could decide the problem of the basic sanitation, that is also of health, thus for ahead But they do not make, nor go to make, because before they have that to defray the public machine, they have that to pay to wages and retirements.

In the truth, the government nothing more is of what a great leaf administrator of payments. A leaf swelled for its proper incompetence and the necessities politics. Without counting that one dinheirama all at the hands of few sharpens its more vile reasons. It has people that she is capable to steal merenda pertaining to school and until remedies of public hospital. we here. The politics does not interest in, pays them our taxes, fulfills our duty and gives thanks to God for living in a democracy. Better saying, we legitimize what they say to be a democracy so that it legitimizes our representatives. they go to fulfill (or to disregard) its obligations stop with us, the otariado one.