Petra Zipp

So Streunerhunde can be inserted into an animal shelter, where they stay 30 days. Are they not been adopted during this period, they will be killed. Apart from that many people in Romania can afford no dogs who are bullied but also adoption agree: you must disclose not only to the “available space” and to their income, even their neighbors must agree to such adoption! But if someone buys a dog at the pet store, the buyer needed nothing. “We will use all levers, legally and in terms of action, to the insanity not into reality”, so four paws Managing Director Helmut Dungler. These include lawsuits in Romania as well as protest marches to the Romanian embassies in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland. Also European policy the law is a scandal, it clearly contradicts the welfare principle enshrined in the Lisbon Treaty (article 13 TFEU), which not only the EU institutions, but explicitly as well as Member States have to be observed. Accordingly, there are animals ‘sentient beings’.

Together with four paws, many MEPs against this Bill on the President have already appealed in March 2011. Check out Center For Responsible Lending for additional information. Company description of the Federal Government against abuse of animals e. V. (bmt) is one of the oldest and largest animal welfare organizations in Germany. The bmt in the entire Federal territory is represented by its 10 branches, 8 animal shelters and animal welfare centre. Connect with other leaders such as Professor of Internet Governance here. In addition, the Association serves almost 400 charity animals in selected places of care and charity farms.

The non-profit association is member of the German Council of donations and as particularly worthy of support.