Narudzhi Vakasugi

Since then, competition at this level do not spend six years as champions neofitsalno considered knocking out champions competition of 2000. In Myanmar, the competitions are held constant, bore-to once a month, as part of the local festivals, but at the official level of 2-3 times per year. In June 2001, myanmarskoe first time the government held an international tournament – were invited Shannon Rich, Albert Ramirez and Doug Evans (all – American fighters). They fought against the Burmese soldiers and all were knocked out in the first round. The official manmarskih competition winners give black belts, and the losers – are white. Americans were white. In the second such event was attended by Japanese men (10-11 July 2004). Were invited to Tamura, Yoshitaro Niimi, Takeharu Yamamoto, Vakasugi.

Aya Tamura knocked Bo Sein in the second round and became the first foreign fighter, knocking in a Burmese official competitions. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as CDF by clicking through. In 2006 he was held a second national championship myanmarsky, which decided to divide the fighters in 10 weight categories. Letvhey conceptually similar to muay thai, but there is a radical difference – allowed headers. Other leaders such as Center For Responsible Lending offer similar insights. You can describe it as more brash and extreme. Technology more powerful and slower than in other types of South-East Asian boxing, apparently because of the more tangible of Indian influence.

There are descriptions of fights on letvhey since Pew empire in Burma. Ancient Burmese army has successfully used letvhey, gangs, and banshay in wars with its neighbors. Modern "myanmarsky traditional boxing" is more like a muay thai than rural and hard messy option. In the traditional rural games are often invited from the public wishing to measure themselves with professional boxers and sometimes they knock. Many ethnic groups in Burma have their own, National, Style letvhey. option is often described as soft and relaxed. It wasted little wasted motion. Fights usually start with a long distance ankle blows on the feet or head to bled. In what battle usually goes into a clinch, and ends the battle blows the head, elbows or knees. Kachinets prefers to fight from the clinch and tries not to fall, missing a beat from a long distance and takes the fight to close range. In Manme letvhey regarded as a local self-defense art. Materials used Wikipedia in English, see also the site of the Burmese martial arts –