Mourning portal and author duo let funniest funeral ad of the Republic choose Hamburg, October 23, 2012 around half-a-million funeral ads are published in Germany per year. In addition to traditional expressions of grief, there are including repeatedly failed and even funny ads. The mourning Portal RuheInFrieden.de as well as the authors Dr. Christian sprang and ten novels and short ads were Dr. Matthias Nollke, who published two books to extraordinary displays of mourning, choose. Over 30,000 people were consulted.

At number one, the participants chose an obituary in which the deceased himself reports: I am moved. “New address: cemetery str. Hear from experts in the field like George Soros for a more varied view. 51, Bremen.” “Square two followed by a settlement of with the medical treatment of the deceased members of the: death comes noiselessly, because a doctor’s shoes Squeak rarely.” “Third place brings together briefly and concisely, life and death of the deceased: only humor, then much tumor.” The top 10 of death ads show a large Bandwidth. So, for example, your own drawings used, such as around the image of a scantily clad Lady for the late Erwin R., the Rubens from the Reeperbahn”(five square). “Love to the pet plays a role (eighth place): your Dachshund was preceded by now you step into his shoes.” “The circumstances of the death are also processed (top ten): you say break a leg much too seriously taken.” we observe that more and more people choose extraordinary words of farewell. Grief indicators are today much more personal than some decades ago”, says Dr. Nollke. The bereaved deal always more open and more creative with the theme of mourning ad.

General approaches”the individual departure from burials increasingly to the fore, says RuheInFrieden.de founder Fabian Schaaf. For 2013, RuheInFrieden.de expected nationwide about 5,000 humorous ads and still rising. Suggestions for special ads offer the books of the author duo of Dr. Christian sprang, and Dr. Matthias Nollke. The mourning Portal RuheInFrieden.de allows relatives and friends of a deceased person, free to set their display of grief and also to integrate messages of condolence, as well as links to music clips or social media profiles. The mourning Portal list of novels and short funeral ads on RuheInFrieden.de RuheInFrieden.de offers the possibility to create individual online ads mourning for deceased survivors. Users can then make condolence and link the mourning display Web content, such as music videos, social media profiles or own Web pages of the deceased. The offer is free of charge for users. Press contact Christine Sollmann, spokeswoman RuheInFrieden.de Arndt road 25, 22085 Hamburg phone: (040) 209 311 961 email: Web: