Power Fabric Made From Sea Salt And Oxygen

New products for healing diabetic wounds Ruhpolding/Hiddenhausen – In the third quarter of this year comes a new series of ozone-containing products for diabetic wounds on the German market. The products can promote a faster healing of wounds through the use of ozone, Mologen tells. The Ruhpolding’s company acquired the distribution rights for these products. It applies to all future applications in the field of diabetes mellitus. The products offered in the form of a gel and solution have a wide antiseptic effect and used successfully in hospitals and doctor’s offices. Developer and licensor is the company Nano Vita in the Switzerland. Www.prontomed.de is the German company Prontomed. .

Previous studies have shown that the products be inserted for the quick healing of wounds of diabetes mellitus patients can. Therefore we have used everything that sold these products through our distribution channels in Germany and other European countries can,”explained Mologen Board member Peter Paul Schikora. The Managing Director of Nano Vita and Prontomed hope good successes in the countries of the European Union cooperation. Certification as a medical product can be expected in the third quarter. The gels and solutions offered timely as hygiene products via pharmacies and nursing homes in Germany. The certification for medical devices has been initiated.

“” The reason for the particularly effective of the remedy: thanks to a new nanotechnology process is for these so-called enabled products ‘, or naszierender “Bind oxygen in Atomic form of sea water”, says SAH. He will stabilized in Mologen products so that the atomic oxygen is released only upon contact with solid matter such as skin or mucous membrane and unfolds its healing effect. Sea salt comes from the Croatian island of Pag and obtained on traditional Celtic way by wind and Sun. Natural, pure sea salt is then in distilled water resolved, bind with activated oxygen and stabilized as a new power material for diabetes mellitus patients in the gels and solutions”, emphasizes SAH. The human body knows the processing of active oxygen he is also part of the human metabolism. So each inhaled oxygen via the circuit is distributed, but only shortly before the start of the oxidation process enabled”, so that the oxygen radicals in function.