Preschool Child Care

How to teach your preschool child care for their teeth about the importance of oral hygiene from an early age does not make sense to repeat, and parents are well aware of this report. However, often there are difficulties with the formation of This necessary habit in children. How to captivate a child daily dental hygiene? Parents agree to immediately: this ritual is not amenable to discussion. I hope in this case on prudence and common sense, love. Can Tell your child about the harmful bacteria that can be thrown out rotika brush and paste. Only clean teeth can be happy. You can draw a sad stained tooth and, for comparison – a clean and cheerful.

My children recently Time really like the idea of an hourglass, through which the measure is interesting while cleaning your teeth. In babies, it should be at least 1,5-2 minutes. Can be cut into pieces of a big label, and after each brushing teeth stick one piece. As a result, get the picture, for which relies a prize! Tips for the little stubborn sometimes toothbrush is used by children to unimaginable fun, not just for teeth cleaning. Proposal number 1. Look for peacekeepers. Sometimes someone from the outside environment has a greater impact on the child than the parents. Why not try to apply to the child's pediatrician or dentist with a request to explain the little man, how important regularly and brush your teeth. Of course, the important role played by the authority of an adult for the child.