Reform Sector

Javier Botero, Deputy Minister of higher education, to explain the reform to the law 30. In dialogue with the program an analysis of a Radio, emphasized that the main aspiration of the Government is that more young people have access to higher education with quality and relevance. With the project are considering three levels of discussion: funding of public universities, contributions from the private sector and creation of private for-profit universities. On these three points, the rector of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Moises Wasserman, said: it does not respond to the needs of universities, do not know how to give the contributions of the private sector or what happens to private universities for profit when there is no institution of its kind in the world rankings of quality. According to the Vice-Minister, three levels which raises the Rector are seen from a single edge. The contributions of the nation are never sufficient to fund higher education and this reform comes accompanied by the project of the royalties who already attends the Congress.

If approved, 10% would go for research and innovation and would have a huge impact in the next three years, because they will be 2.5 billion pesos. Our concern is the training of citizens and the human resources that the country needs. We must have clear accounts on what is invested in training, research and extension. The Government is considering a gradual significant increase, which is negotiable. Unfortunately, the proposed increase of 1% for the first year, 2% for the second and 3% from the third year until 2019 not began to apply this year as it had been established, said Botero. And added that in Colombia the participation of the productive sector in higher education has been in research projects, with the proposal seeks a legal clarity, which has a partnership and the private sector make a direct investment in a public institution that is benefit the two. As for the non-profit universities, Botero said: we don’t expect that there is research, nor is the solution for the coverage or quality, but it is a part of the resolution of the problem, they are focused on training, many technical and technological level.