It uses various elements to decorate the place. You should not necessarily make an extraordinary expense: some pictures of your family to feel more accompanied or motivated, an image of a landscape that relaxes you, a mirror, some memories of past trips or from your childhood. Ve trying different combinations, if you can’t paint a wall with a different color, or also change the ambient light will get beneficial results. 2. Keep everything tidy, clean, stripped-down thing possible: If you walk into your Office and see a crowded papers, notebooks, pencils desk probably will feel stress before you sit in your Chair. A desk tidy and free from visual clutter will help you concentrate better. In addition, if you know where you have every thing, lose less time searching. I believe that planning and order are the two keys to the time domain.

Keep only to view the things that you are using for your current task, and archives rest in drawers, shelves and cabinets. You can use shoe boxes lined with paper of different colours, and accommodate in them different things according to their degree of priority or importance. You’ll see a video where I will show you how to duplicate your Productivity manage and dominate your time in just 7 days only get click here 3. Get your environment smells well: is practically impossible to work and concentrate in a closed environment, with smoke or musty odor. Search how to ventilate your Office daily, maybe if you put plants in the window, flowers fill the place with its aroma.

You can also use scented candles, or a diffuser of the important essences is to find a scent that pleases you, and make you feel full in your workplace. 4 Invest in a good Chair: to spend so many hours sitting, it is essential that you have a good quality and ergonomic chair. This will avoid you headaches, waist and back. In addition, you will help you to maintain an upright position, which will keep you more focused and you distraeras not in pain or other discomfort of this type. Well, these are just some tips. If you are now in your Office, do this test: salt it, stand in the door and look at it as if it were the first time you enter. Pay attention to what you feel, and takes note of your strongest feelings. If some of them are negative, then you will have to work to change them. You write on paper the feelings you are going to delete, and writes very big it is that like to feel just you walk into your Office. With this information and the recommendations which I gave in this article, starts today same to make modifications in your environment. Tell me how you gone with the changes in the comments, and if you wish, shares with the rest of the readers any other advice that has been beneficial to you to you.