Psychologist Jaqueline Sachs

Refer to their possession: mine car, my house, my wife,… People such as Boy Scouts would likely agree. Girls, however, playing mostly in smaller groups or in pairs. The best friend is at the heart of social life. At the games of girls, there is often no winner or loser. If some girls in certain things are competent than others, expects that they not mitihren skills to brag about.

If girls do, they be excluded mostly from the group. The intimacy is vital when girl friendships, and that’s why the girls are rather trying to forge common ground. According to a research by Donna Eder at a junior high school “popular” girls are not particularly liked: also see girls there Status differences. However, the most important asset in girl communities is proximity and interconnectedness. That’s why girl friendships are numerically limited and a popular girl friendship quotes often must deflect; that is why it is considered snooty. Boy friendships is the status of the individual in a hierarchical order of higher importance than the binding. Their friendship has samariterliches lowering of the other rather hierarchically differently classified members, admiration of one.

Already here are boys prepared for the later professional life. Of them, it is expected alone to assert themselves, to represent their interests through the use of stronger language. Girls, however, are prepared on their subsequent family world. Harmony as supreme aim of unifying language, weaken wise scientists in the linguistic behaviour of three girls after the own interests. Psychologist Jaqueline Sachs has found in its observations of preschool children aged from two to five years, that Girls the trend have their proposals with formulations like “Let’s…”, “we don’t want to” initiate, while boys often give commands. While both call styles, both the language of man, and the woman language, within the framework of its own laws work, there often are problems, if the two linguistic worlds meet.