Relevant Directories

We can send our data and if they are not found interesting or relevant to the directory in question, they may be rejected. We can obviously send our data again, but in that case let’s which could have been the cause of the rejection. Currently on the internet there are thousands of search engines with one and other, but don’t panic!, will not need to send your data to each one of them. 85% Of the traffic generated by searches in this kind of tools are concentrated in less than 5% of search engines!. If a few seekers dominate widely and are mainly towards those who should we dump our major effort. Search engines most important market are: Yahoo! Google Terra-Lycos Altavista Overture HotBot Excite MSN Direct Hit Open Directory AOL Netfind assumes that these search engines are mostly in English, but its use is so widespread in the Spanish-speaking world that many of them already have local versions in Spanish. You can also find resources in any language by simply entering words or phrases in our own language no matter what! Once these fundamentals are known we must begin to prepare our website so that it is successfully taken into account. So as we mentioned earlier, we must follow certain rules.

Here we will briefly see the functioning of search engines. If you would like the search engine work? This type of search engines run periodically (and automatically) through internet in search of new web sites, we must understand that this is not a service for those who promote, these companies work mainly for the user looking for that is who comes to the site regularly and not the owners of web sites. To also achieve income by the promoter of the web, most search engines have included in recent times payment options for those wishing to appear in first positions and even some have tried to take the road of listing only those who paid for it.