You know the scenario, but if you're a doll, which the lead. Do not stop, do not turn It is impossible to say who is to blame. We fight, boring us live in peace. Specially created a situation for quarrels. It is surprising that during an argument, we really only hear yourself! We throws anger that kopim inside.

A second person allows us to do it! Yes, it authorizes. Quarrel – a performance of two actors. And each plays a major role, but does not understand this! In any case, I am not guilty, and another! How can I get it nitpicking! She is not happy all the time! Wants to focus on myself as I tired He did not pay attention to me, perhaps, today, sex is not We so appreciate himself, so cherish themselves, that we do not even have thoughts that other people also appreciate themselves. We are always offended by something the other does not see we are what we see ourselves. We look at the world and others through the prism of their own beliefs and scenarios, and we do not know, that others also have their own world. And this world does not have to revolve around us. – Do you love me? (I know not!) – I love you. (Begins Again!) – And why you telling me this so rarely speak? (Just find yourself another!) – Honey Do not start! (Nachalos!) Everyone gets what he wants.

We disagree, because I was tired to be correct, do not want to look for new solutions. We get used to each other, and we no longer need to build relationships. We sought reciprocity, and when achieved, it seems that they no longer need to exert effort. And love is a flower that should be watered two or he dies. – You love me? – More than anyone in the world! (Tseluet.) – Why do you so rarely telling me this? (Smiling) – I do not have enough words to express how much! And I'm afraid of being banal. Sorry. – And forgive me