2 – Enhanced resale rights (MasterResaleRights – MRR) These rights give you the opportunity to sell not only goods for which you a resale rights, but also sell those rights themselves to other people. Moreover, you can sell these rights to the product itself, and apart from it – the choice is up to you personally. Ability to purchase resale rights of the species most often appears as a supplement to the product, but may look into a separate offer. The disadvantage of this type of resale rights is the lack of uniqueness of the large number of competitors, but a competent marketer can make non-unique product with resale rights unique specials. proposal from which it is difficult to refuse.

How do you know of a free e-course "The whole truth about resale rights to information products" () Less – lack of originality. Pros – high quality information, an additional income stream. The rights of such type are presented on the site. Only here for you can get 19 (devyatnadtsat!) information products with full resale rights at a very attractive discount. 3 – Pravalichnoymarki (Private Label Rights – PLR) These rights provide you with the ability to make unlimited number of changes to the product (eg, edit, and append the text of an e-book, change the format to make their data – the site address, etc.).

You can even tell yourself as an author of the goods. In short, you are not limited to modifying it. But at the same time, as a rule, you do not have rights to sell resale rights and the right personal brand for the product to others. This possibility must be purchased from the author of the original product separately. Plus – free use of the material. Cons – the most expensive form of rights, inaccessibility of the proposed acquisition PLR-publications. 4 – Rights of free distribution (GiveAwayRights – GAR) These rights give you the opportunity to distribute this or that product people are free, but illegal to sell it, others restrict its free distribution, as well as in any way modify the source was good. As a rule, these rights provided with one or another product to its maximum distribution to meet the challenges of promotion and advertising of their own business by using viral marketing techniques. 5 – Rights to rebranding (ReBrandingRights – RBR) These rights give you the opportunity to make their own product inserts, for example, to put it in their commercials, insert a pre-defined places for advertising your own website address and etc. But usually such products are transient in nature, ie demand at certain times and have a characteristic loss of its relevance. Plus – an additional income stream. Less – risk reduction in demand product. This completes our brief overview of the types of resale rights. By the way, as you've probably already realized, the use of products with resale rights – this is a great opportunity! So for you I prepared a special offer – – Set of 19 (!) e-books with full resale rights ResaleRightsProfits!