Restorer Work

Escobar has among its residents with a great artist, and I dare to extend this concept, because artist is a word that is girl for him. It is a great creator. Contact information is here: Walmart Foundation. And with that so difficult to find: with angel. A creative that delves into all the Arts: sculptor, painter, designer, decorator, writer, photographer, Restorer, scenographer. and if escapes me for any other activity that has to do with the creation, I am convinced that this is also his genius working. Kindly and stealing a little time to his work, agreed to answer some questions for the magazine. Time and answers that the magazine is very grateful: Silvia:-how and when felt the need to create? Eduardo:-I drew from chico, I attended workshops of Professor Carboni, who gave lessons in old cinema Italy of Escobar, (current theatre seminar). and later, in the last years of secondary school, the sculpture attracted me.

I bought books on the subject, found out techniques, and began to perform some of the works themselves. S: – Remember when and what was the first work that sold? What you feel at that moment? E: – The father of a bride who was at the time, was collector of art, and commissioned me a piece for your garden. That was my first assignment, and made me feel very good, forced me to put hands to work, and to develop my way manufacturing processes did not know, since my training was entirely self-taught. and these problems made me feel very good. S: – Do many sketches undone before deciding that this is indicated? E: – Do several sketches, generals and then some in particular of face and hands. S: – Is it self-critical? E: – Be self-critical is fundamental for any activity, one may not settle for the first attempt. I’m self-critical. S: – Sculptor, painter, poet: all creative activities, but there will surely be some that should give you greater satisfaction (beyond the economic) what and why? E: – do not meeting the difference between a sculpture and writing a poem, the satisfaction is the same, since what pleases him one is creating, no matter the media do that.