Retin Stretch

Normal skin consists of: four percent of a mesh of 80 percent of collagen and elastin fibres. Elastin is the protein of the skin that provides flexibility, allowing the skin to stretch, formed a network in skin similar to a fishing net that allows the skin to stretch and then back, returning to its previous position. These elastin fibers are broken when appear of stretch marks, what causes stretch marks scars. The most interesting of stretch marks is that they appear very prominently, but placing them under a microscope, they are not so different from normal, healthy skin. When you touch them they feel empty, as if there were no skin in the area. The skin is different in texture and visually, although effectively has not happened a significant change in it.

Laser for stretch marks treatments and factors affecting its development laser is effective in reducing the redness associated with red streaks. You can also use to stop the inflammation responsible for stretch marks. A treatment very known for this condition is the dye laser and hold, which begins the remodeling of collagen along with a bit of remodeling of fiber elastin it helps to make the skin look a more normal appearance. In the case of white stretch marks laser can achieve maximum, a moderate improvement. Pregnant women are likely to develop stretch marks, although not in all cases. There are certain factors that influence a pregnant woman to develop stretch marks. Ethnic origin. Women whose skin contains more melanin are less likely to develop stretch marks.

Scratching of the skin. The stretch from the belly of a pregnant woman can cause sensation of itching. Instead of scratching, it is advisable to apply some powder or lotion to relieve the sensation of itching. Inheritance. Women whose mothers had stretch marks have tendency to have them also. Exercise. The amount of exercise that you make a future MOM It affects your chances of developing stretch marks. If the exercise is performed daily, it will keep the skin of a pregnant woman flexible and free of toxins. Exercise helps improve the elasticity and tone the skin of the body. Water. It is very important to drink water during pregnancy. If the skin stays hydrated, they diminish the possibilities of occurrence of stretch marks. How to stop there is stretch marks the way to prevent stretch marks in cases of people who increase weight or during pregnancy. The application of topical such as Retin-A or alpha-hydroxy acids medicinal creams will surely help. Topical medications can do wonders to stop stretch marks from its development. Temporary remedies for stretch marks include creams especially formulated for this condition. Lanolin, cocoa butter and wheat germ oil are some of the components of these creams. With them, is rebuilding the structure of the skin, allowing that they heal stretch marks. Cosmetics for disguise or hide, when used on the affected areas of the skin, also work successfully hiding the scars by stretch marks.Skin care also should be done after delivery. There is a need to keep the body strong, the need to recover after childbirth and is part of the challenges which includes maternity. Original author and source of the article