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Opinions, isn’t a good idea ask a neighbor or a co-worker that you have no experience in the world of MLM. To read more click here: CDF. If you want the opinion of someone, ask who has created a multilevel organization and this earning money. Systems of distribution of products and services: Another important element that you should consider when choosing join a MLM company, is the way in which distribute their products, the idea is: more simple is the way the products are better distributed. Companies that have systems where the collection of income and distribution of the product are cumbersome, have few chances of finding professional Networkers. Above all to exist today thousands of MLM companies that are doing things well.

System of compensation plans: there are many ways to set up your organization in the companies multilevel network. This depends on each company. Can have networks in the form of matrix, rupture, binary, single level, etc.; or various combinations of these. The most important is that you study what compensation plan convince you more (all have their pros and cons) and choose which suits you best. Likewise, I recommend that you choose those who give you the possibility to generate unlimited income through spills, positions of re-entry, etc. The utilities distribution systems: Similarly, it is important to know how your fees will charge. Make sure that the company has a secure system of payment of commissions and that correctly meets payment deadlines.

You don’t want to work hard and have difficulties to collect which corresponds to you. The safest and most modern companies usually have two forms of payment:-direct deposit to your bank account (today this option is generally available, in most cases, for residents in the) EE.UU) – reload funds to your card (usually to a special international debit card processed by the company) these are the two ways most common and safe to be able to collect your commissions, without many delays. You will find other ways. In that case I recommend to find out your system very well and if it is convenient for you, taking into account your country, your legal situation, etc. It is also common to find companies that pay through systems such as Paypal. Although it is a safe way of doing transactions online, are sometimes taken unilateral decisions by these companies that change their policies affecting thousands of people at the time of the payment of their commissions. Help, support and training: is also very important that you join a company to provide a help system and permanent support and moreover provide you training to perform your work. A company that offers this, is an excellent alternative to join her.