Rewriter RSS

Unique content today offer more affiliate programs their affiliates RSS feeds as advertising opportunity by synonym for rewriting and Textspinning so easy and also automate to create Web pages. Often used in conjunction of the CMS RSS feeds and blogs WordPress system, there are a number of plugins and themes for WordPress, so that you easily to your own needs can adapt to the system and is suitable for almost all types of Web pages. As a result, the WordPress is so widespread and it is very easy can include RSS feeds and automatically posts to post it fast to duplicate content come what is not beneficial for search engine optimization. You can of course prevent this if you ideally writes to the texts by hand, what but not necessarily everyone wants at automatically published articles via RSS feed or also the time, especially when these feeds on several blogs are published. There are various synonym Rewriter for WordPress plugins which replace synonyms of the page on each call, this makes each call the contribution what does not necessarily nice looks, and can generate a high server load on the other hand when long and many contributions.

Otherwise, the WordPress plugin WP synonym Rewriter works here, it edited the post directly in front of the store and thus only if the post is created or modified. As the synonym database multiple text files can be created, then demand de- or be activated can, so can be a general synonym create database and various additional depending on the topic. Synonyms can be easily stored in text form: sunny; serene; cloudless; unbewolkt the second advantage of the plugin is the built-in text spinner which can also texts in the known form of spiders: SchonesGood WordPress pluginWP plugin which synonyms ersetzt the synonyms replaced and even a text spinner offers. Through these combinations, one can also easily prevent duplicate content RSS feeds which are automatically posted, the texts are changed automatically and you need do nothing further for this. Marlena Lorecka