SMS Donation

SMS-rolls help in Germany. In the United States already 2 million $ for Haiti gesimst ask many organizations also in Germany already quick help via SMS for disaster relief in Haiti, currently helps the action of Germany, the German Red Cross, Diakonie emergency aid and Rotary. Berlin, 1. On Wednesday at 08:00 local time the White House about his called Twitter account for SMS donations for the Red Cross and has thus paved the way a new medium. The donations is currently 2 million $ – only SMS within one day. Report all major media in the United States, and naturally seek help via SMS donation number, up to 200 donations were counted per minute on Twitter. Click World Health Organization to learn more. In Germany, the radio station KISS count.FM and energy Berlin as well as the VZ-networks first, spreading the SMS calls. SMS is the fastest and also obvious way in which each donor can use anywhere at any time.

The recognized media expert Prof. Jo Groebel to “SMS can today at current crises the fastest provide financial support. 10 seconds it has donated an afford amount Professor Groebel deals with the mobile media usage behavior for a long time. For helping organizations, which is an opportunity to appeal to all generation SMS and thus the ideal complement to the classic because of donations. People with SMS, we can quickly and reach across all media says us Thilo Reichenbach, fundraiser at the action Germany helps and supplements we are happy when many media to communicate this new opportunity. Given that almost every German has a cell phone, a sensible step.

These SMS donation services are set up: action Germany help Password HAITI as SMS to the phone number 81190 resulted in a donation of 5 euros. Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe Quake as SMS to the phone number 81190 password leads to a donation of 5 euros. German Red Cross DRK password as SMS to the phone number 81190 leads to a donation of 5 euros. Rotary password EARTHQUAKE as SMS to the phone number 81190 leads to a donation of 5 euros. The amount of 5 euro is paid plus the standard SMS fee with the next cell phone bill, 4.83 euros per SMS will go directly to the organization.