Social Security

On October 14, the tripartite Foundation for the formation of employment, released on its Web site warning for companies, consultants and managers of formation for the employment of the bonus system of State level on the existence of entities that offer services, implementation, audit and legal advice in the field of protection of personal data for freethat in practice they financed these services to credit assigned for training. For its part the INEM has made relevant research pointing to more than 700 business headquarters would have benefited from the resources offered by the tripartite Foundation for continuing training. In terms of the tripartite Foundation you have already started the investigation and verification of the facts and has set up appropriate control mechanisms, to ascertain practiced bonuses and avoid that in the future the recipient undertakings which they by training are involved in one chain of errors, having to return the tete amounts; regarding companies that are bonifiquen by the hiring of implementation services, audit and legal advice in the field of data protection act shall return the corresponding amounts and adhere to the appropriate action of the public State employment service and inspection of labour and Social Security, according to the report published on its website. Knowledgeable sources to research point out that the companies would be exempt from paying VAT for the training courses, which are not taxed, but the consulting services for the implementation of data that do not apply the tax. In addition to the sanctions that can be born of that investigation, the tripartite Foundation has put the case in the hands of the tax agency, since companies could also have incurred in tax fraud. The tripartite Foundation requests the collaboration of users to denounce any offer this type of services or other similar features. Audea security of the information original author and source of the article