North American

In June of 2002 I was in the city of New York, had passed near 9 months from the attack of The Qaeda to the WTC and the other objectives of the terrorist group. The image of zone zero I will forget never it, not by the destruction reflected there, rather by the sensation that the knowledge brought about all the pain that had suffered, than two thousand Americans the more assassinated those 11 of September, by the airplanes pumps piloted by kamikases Muslim. 10 years later, the world awakes with the news of the death of the leader and main person in charge of the suicidal attacks of 11/9 and of in addition, the other attacks undergone in Europe, specifically in London and the one Of Atocha, Spain, that cost the life of other so many human beings.

Today one argues on ” modus operandi ” of the forces of elite of the American Navy, as far as the coldness of his to drive, the fact to make disappear the body of Bin Laden; practice that in Latin America does not stop raising controversy, by the episodes of the disappeared ones in the military regimes of sixty to the eighty. Also it is speculated on of driving of the Paquistan- governmentHow it was possible that the looked for terrorist more of the planet hid to 50 meters of a Military school, in a suburb of the military. For years one knew anywhere in the world that the most probable place where Bin Laden took refuge was in Pakistan. The reasons were obvious: the proximity with the extensive Afghan border, where certainly Bin Laden was at the time of the 11/9, supported by the Talibn and that after the North American military incursion, that arose like almost immediate answer from, then, petrified Bush, must once have mobilized to the leader of The Qaeda to a place more certainly the Afghan mountains.