Spa Coral

The French Caribbean island attracts the coral and mangroves on the trail not only with hot temperatures and forever long sandy beaches. A paddling trip in the so-called Mule Bay belongs to a holiday essential. Special: Entered sea drift will be releasing in transparent boats, which encourage the views of the. The Internet portal reports on a unique experience. The question of the appropriate accommodation is of course to check before planning trips.

The hotels Martinique lie mainly in the 2- and 3-star range. Who wants more comfort, feels at home in the luxury hotel Le Cap Est Lagoon Resort & Spa. The paddle tour begins with freshly mixed soft drinks for on the go. It can then go with the Planteur punch in the luggage. Fear needs to have no one. The biggest challenge is to paddle in the clock. Not so easy when the opposite directions appear illogical one. An incomparable nature film takes place under water.

But not always with a Happy ending. Since the water temperature in 2005 to a degree has increased, is decreased coral populations by 40 percent. In addition to climate change, water pollution by insecticides of the banana plantations also is a problem. Under the low-hanging branches of mangroves, there is a break. Finally, the punch can be eaten and enjoyed the shade. Who look closely, discovered small cattle egrets on the seawater vegetables. And also mussels and crabs in the wood are not uncommon. After a further spell of paddle is anchored to the picnic. There are fried scampi, chicken, bread, fruit pure enjoyment! More information:… service GmbH Lisa Neumann