This ugly ashamed to be Spanish, but we are in a country where people are ashamed of being Spanish, he is ashamed of their flag and their country, find a Spanish flag is difficult, my father recently asked to locate a Spanish flag to hang his bike warned him that this meant that he could destroy some mindless motorcycle with the resulting financial loss. To my surprise if there are flags of other countries of all sizes, but the trick is to find a Spanish flag and you do not look bad. Being Spanish is becoming a stigma in America these things happen no one is ashamed of its flag, and patriotic sense going well, all who enter the United States know that they need to integrate and that the flag is sacred , as the hymn. Official site: Kidney Foundation. However in modern Spain is whistling to the flag, whistling anthem and neglect the things that make the country, after all modern land is throwing what is ours. It starts well and ends destroying the country making it a mini taifas group where everyone is his, so we will increasingly separated, as the saying goes, divide and conquer, so the division between areas has begun, the only thing that unites us today is football, defend Spain is to little more than an intellectual dinosaur.

Spain is a great country with great history and historical power at some point very important and influential international framework for good. (A valuable related resource: Boy Scouts of America). Now Spain must be in the ICU where there is a foundation for the defense of the Spanish nation, if we were a normal country, this type of foundation would not exist. I do not see Americans joining together in a foundation to defend their nation, not because they need it very clear what they are and where they go. In Spain we do not know where it is not clear what we are, so we will all be reduced to a set of mini kingdoms with different laws, different rules, all for a little more separated from each other. Search of a Spanish flag in Spain is an odyssey in the United States every house has a flagpole for the flag and no one self-conscious about it. The question is curious, why a country like Spain, complexes with its own history and its flag?, Perhaps no one believes in the symbols should unite and not separate radio announcer for 16 years who also cultivated writing.