The Child

That is the violence of whose parents wanted to give up. After themselves and blame themselves pitied my poor child. Hence we get the following error – inconsistent parenting. Today it is possible one, tomorrow another, and the next day – can not be the first nor the second. As a result, the child has no clear boundaries is permitted, within which it could safely exist. Boy Scouts of America understands that this is vital information. This approach undermines the foundations – the feeling of security and confidence in the world. Often inconsistent especially evident in the approaches to the education of their fathers and mothers.

As a rule, mothers are more likely to regret and less demand, take with all the advantages and disadvantages, that is, guided by unconditional love – love for a reason. Pope often their attitude contribute to the development. They encourage the progress, achievements, and guided by the conditional love – love for something. Both are important for the child. Unconditional love creates hope and confidence in the world. This is the cornerstone. Conditional – shows the path of development. These functions are in a real family alternate, there is no clear division between the mother and father.

But it is important and motherly and fatherly beginning. The difference in views on education may be rooted in childhood and the parents. Bringing up your child, parents often meet their children's unrealized wants and needs. It is clear now from mismatch. After all, everyone is singing its own song: all of different families have different fathers and mothers, each has his own personal story. Another error – Inadequate requirements. And here are a few moments: – Require that can not themselves, adjusted for their age. Rough example: a child brings bad grades, bad parent and salary. Those who learn it? – Require that the child can not by virtue of their age restrictions. For example, self-manage their time and do everything to make, being in first grade. – Require the "right thing", but doing it wrong – is forced instead to sow the seed and nurture it. And to do it patiently, but once and for all. Next crop will collect the child already own.