By the way, he stops not to be unjust, it only constructed a square in the city, and with this workmanship, it obtained its re-election for commands of the executive, as well as its posterity in the politics in other elective offices. If somebody asked to which its workmanships, it freed: ' ' – That I to construct the square, that I painted the square, that I placed banks in the square, that I ordered to install orelhes in the square, that made for the square etc.' ' its workmanships gravitavam around that one ' ' beautiful praa' ' nothing more I was enough to believe the naivety of that people, but wise person – inside of me – that still the concepts and rules of the politics of &#039 were arraigados; ' cabresto' ' , of the coronelista system, the sponsorships This so visible age that in all the electoral periods the city turned one ' ' zona' ' (not that one of electoral meaning, you knows) Of the night for the day the preference research could ' ' surtar' ' , ' ' desnivelar' ' , ' ' declinar' ' , ' ' to invert plos' ' etc., depended only on the force motor of the change (' ' bufunfa' ' , ' ' carvo' ' , ' ' poivinha' ' (powder), ' ' Money' ' , grana, ' ' tutu' ' , ' ' make-me-rir' ' , ' ' dim-dim' ' etc.). To summarize, a candidate slept elect, dreaming to sit down in the chair of the Executive, and woke up crying in the bank of the square, without eira nor side, ' ' moral' ' to choose substitute of the vice-president of association of quarter. I believe that some interior of this ' ' Brasilzo' ' still it is thus, one baguna Therefore, let us remember in conscience politics of tomorrow It votes with respect and dignity. It votes in that one that really has commitment with the society, and not with its personal interests. My sincere souvenirs its conscience..