The Discovery

Always taking in account the tunning with the customer, placing it along with what it will go to occur in session and if it will be made use to follow or wants to change something. One works in set with the customer. It will have to be active in the process, therefore it is necessary persistence. For the work in group the structure of the individual one is not modified. Therefore, hardly the group will leave the focus of the definite work at the beginning. Even because the group already will possess an aiming of equality enters the gifts through the main complaint.

The work in group inside of the TCC will occur through the same procedures and techniques used in the individual attendance. The only difference is that, through the group, the customers will feel themselves more confident, therefore will be in a way who if are similar to its problems, since already transforming some beliefs disfuncionais regarding that with the others the things are better. Having as base the dialogue daily pay-socrtico, the group will learn, through its proper experiences, that each person who participates there will be facilitador. With the work in group one perceives that all the people assimilate one subject of differentiated form, that the speech of the other can assist in the understanding of itself and that the techniques proposals will be more fcies for ones e, for others, not. In such a way, the aid between the group will give to greater confidence so that the personal growth through a process is reached that involves the human being in its relations.

The work in group exactly emphasizes the discovery of itself through the others. One of the used techniques inside of the groups is ' ' task of casa' '. One is about a duty that the therapist will go to establish in set with the group so that she has the remodelling of the thought at that moment.