Then it will be too late – you have to think! Well, for those brave and intelligent people which are now open for a simple and understandable things, I will tell basic principle of successful advertising. Let us proceed Many of us brought up on the adage – "Seven times measure, cut once." Probably heard about this? So saying good, but not a reflection of the truth. In order to describe the principle of work and bring you the impressive results in business, you need something very important to change it Namely: "Seven times measure, cut once again and seven Times measure! "And now that the secret of any successful action to you was quite obvious, I will tell you that in every process for which you take in your life, you are obliged to act according to that described below, the universal cycle. This should be done as long as you either make sure that the process works, or you make sure that the process has just drains you Reliable cycle of any action that leads to SUCCESS: You find a new method who promises you the benefit (profit), then you analyze it. Identify the positive and negative sides, if there were more negative aspects, then you end the cycle and go to step 1.; If the reasonableness of the method you is obvious, then you start to implement it and use it; important! Using this method, you must () collect full statistics of the results of his work, then you must () constantly analyze derived statistics; If Statistics show that you put into the method more than get back, then you end the cycle, mark this method as ineffective and go to step 1.; If you see that the method is justified in the first short period (1-2 weeks) and then over a long period (1-3 months), then you leave it and mark the method as a successful and profitable, you start to use this method in your business (life) wherever it only appropriate In most cases you will be guaranteed to receive now the same high results!; Then you can go back to the search for a new method and effect from the beginning of the cycle. .