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Test results of the Rurup tariffs Stiftung Warentest the Rurup pension considered retirement and tax shelter in one. It was introduced especially for the self-employed, but also advisable workers can benefit from it. A Rurup pension test by independent shipping belly er magazines helps finding replaced the appropriate fare but definitely not a personal consultation. Rurup pension 12/2011 of the magazine were test in consumer magazines in the output total 62 classic offers and 24 unit-linked Rurup rates investigated. Stiftung Warentest could not make out a real winner in the unit-linked Rurup pensions.

5 Offers performed well with the classic variants. So Warentest tested Stiftung as basis for the test served a 40-year-old model customer, who paid an annual fee of 6,000 in the Rurup pension over 25 years. Special attention in this Rurup pension test was on the characteristics of the product, such as the cost of insurance during the accumulation phase, the value of the guaranteed Pension factor, the provider option, as well as the transparency of the insurance offer. Test winner of the classic Rurup pension insurance companies were in this test the best sellers for the classic Rurup pension elected: collective “BA3? by Debeka collective “E-R1B” of Europe collective “RB4F” from Hanoverian tariff “BRAGT24? Reviewed by Huk24 collective “BRA” by Huk-Coburg was also in terms of flexibility. Here, it must be mentioned that the Debeka received in the Rurup pension test 2011 only the note satisfactory and the Europe of the note sufficiently with the characteristic flexibility.

Read here more evaluation criteria and test results of individual insurers. Rurup pension disadvantages of strict legal regulations of the Rurup pension test could also not over it fool, having the Rurup pension with strong law to fight. For self-employed are the disadvantages of the Rurup pension on the hand: a termination is excluded, the Rurup pension will be paid out as an annuity and the borrowing and legacies are impossible. For whom is the Rurup pension? Even if at a Rurup pension test the disadvantages be made clear or not clear test winner is found, the Rurup pension for the self-employed, but also advisable workers makes sense. Who’d like to play it safe, is well advised to take an independent insurance agent at hand. On the subject of pension contributions over a period of time will be applied and should from the outset be adapted to your own needs.