Successful Aiticon Event

In November, the aiticon GmbH invited customers and interested parties to a meeting on the theme idea of the event was the exchange of experience of online editors with each other, as well as the idea of open text Web solutions 10 by the Managing Director of aiticon GmbH, Matthias Herlitzius. The latest version of WCMS suite enables a significantly faster content maintenance online editors. How important, efficiency in the online editorial staff is actually, made it clear the Alnatura project manager Dominic Menzler users report. Finally, more and more content must be maintained and updated. By steadily increasing requirements, is worth a look at the further development of the seamless integration of Web site maintenance in editorial everyday, such as Oliver Magnus, head of competence center portal of CubeServ GmbH, illustrated. Web solutions suite Herlitzius presented the current open text. The newly developed nursing surface of the content management system allows a much more efficient and more comfortable work.

Access to many functions with significantly less Clicks and individually configurable working environment quickly impressed the audience. Herlitzius demonstrated many new features. Among other things he introduced the advanced search, simplified navigation pane, the Telerik text editor and the Clipboard now also for editors. The resulting questions from everyday work the audience expanded the lecture to an exciting exchange of experience. The lecture given by Magnus was followed by a lunch with many stimulating conversations.

He presented together with aiticon GmbH-realized integration of SAP NetWeaver Portal and open text Web solutions 10. Magnus demonstrated vividly how personalized information with Web solutions 10 in the SAP NetWeaver Portal under an application (single sign on) can be merged. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Breast Cancer Action on most websites. Furthermore, he showed that the appearance of SAP can be adapted to your company’s corporate design NetWeaver Portal. All applications available, for which a permission is available the user after one-time registration in the portal environment. For intranet content can the editor with a single click from any page, click the appropriate page in editing mode jump to comfortably edit. The event was rounded off by the success story of Menzler. He granted the participants insight into online communications at Alnatura and editorial use of open text Web solutions in the day-to-day business. His conclusion: the efficiency of site maintenance to the triple has risen since the relaunch of the website by aiticon GmbH. The plug-ins developed specially by aiticon, which combine user friendly technical processes and automate be not least responsible. Herlitzius also made reference to the PlugIns as he again took the floor and emphasised that Alnatura is a reference project for the successful increase of efficiency in the online newsroom. All participants evaluated the practice report as profitable. Questions like “Are we working contemporary?”, “How the others do it?” often arise, opportunities for exchanging sound arise only when Events such as this. The consistently positive feedback on our open text Sales Manager Timo Wolters called it “successful and always positive type of event”, encouraged to continue making us events of its kind. Company profile: aiticon GmbH, the IT service provider and RedDot premium partners was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Frankfurt am Main. Aiticon designed, implements and operates complex Web projects and applications. Expertise in the development of high-quality solutions proved aiticon in numerous complex projects pharmaceuticals and URSA insulation for customers like Alnatura, Deutsches Reiseburo, Elster group, Merz. Since founding aiticon RedDot partner, specialized in the products of open text Web Solutions Group. aiticon GmbH, Solms road 41 60486 Frankfurt/Main