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CHARITY the charity In its simplicity In its ephemeral amplitude In its singeleza and goodness. The charity takes in them to be kinder takes in them to divide. It raises us spiritual. It teaches to divide it to us and … Continue reading


In other words, it will be that if really we placed all our feelings in this ' ' ruler of the good, good sentimentos' ' we would allow in them to act of some form that was disaligned to the … Continue reading


Conflict My dear brothers, who the peace of God is always with you. My brothers if suffer the dilacerao from the soul, if he distresses if he suffers and he cries. If today you live in conflicts. They pursue if … Continue reading

The Origin

The necessity to breathe in the atmosphere would have made to appear pulmes in the fish that had started to pass small periods are d' water, what it would have allowed its descendants to live in land more time, fortifying … Continue reading

Philosophical Doctrine

A window for which the people see the life. The foundation of all the espiritualidade is the word of God. To practise the good. To love itself. The Espiritismo, in turn, cannot be defined simply as a religion. It is … Continue reading


Detaching still the contribution of Pablo in the opening of new evangelsticos works and the importance of the structure of small groups as an exit in times of unscrupulous persecution on the part of the Roman Empire, in a period … Continue reading