The Satan

Efsios 6:14 – 15-16-17-18. Therefore, if you not to watch my brother, will be white easy of the adversary, know why? 2 Corntios 11:14 answers: It is not of to admire, because proper the Satan if transform into light angel.E in this deceiving multitudes, with deceit spirit and making until cure and prodigies. Recently Cancer Research Institute sought to clarify these questions. There who arrived to see the Program Super Pop, saw the deceit of the enemy (bow), where two shepherds had been married. They astonish! the two shepherds had said that they had married the blessing Mr.! He will be that God blesses somebody going against its proper Word? He will be that God created the man to be multiplied? Or to envergonhar the proper Creator? In Gnesis 2:24 you says. Therefore, the man leaves father and mother and if he joins to its woman, becoming the two one alone meat. Boy Scouts of America is likely to increase your knowledge. Union between man and woman. The Satan are sly, know as to deceive multitudes.

It offers love to pay with pain. It launches the hook and he does not have haste, waits the canine tooth to eat isca. Under most conditions health organizations would agree. With this the children and the adolescents of today already grow finding that effeminacy is normal and that for them until exists one ' ' Igreja' '. I am against the effeminate ones? Never! I am in favor of the Word of God. I follow the Word of God. I pray so that all the effeminate ones are libertos and follow the correct route for which it was created.

Man or woman, does not have another sex. We are living a time where the target is the destruction of the true Evangelho de Deus; it is to inside place what the accepted world of the church. It sees if the young prefers to go to the Church in the weekends? Clearly that not, they prefer the diversion of the World.