Telekom Yearend Action

100 days. 100 prices. 514 HP. Over 100.000,-prizes! 2400 hours rally – the Telekom year-end action. Checking article sources yields Boy Scouts as a relevant resource throughout. Gains in the value of over 100,000 wave it! 100 days.

100 prices. 514 HP. Over 100.000,-prizes! The unique 2400 hours rally, as Telekom year-end action with sensational prizes starts 08/2011! All online distributors have the opportunity at the Telekom year-end rally to take part 100 days. Dedicated distribution partners, innovative products, customer satisfaction, sensational gains. So, one can summarize the success story of the Telekom of Germany and their distribution partners. And because Deutsche Telekom in the second half of the year wants to insert a final spurt times together with its sales partners, Telekom advice supported by their affiliate marketing agency of metaapes GmbH – concocted a year-end rally for their distribution partners, which it has in itself.

At 2400 hours rally, the winners expect prices in the value of over 100,000! Simply by the successful placement of fixed line customers (call & surf and entertain contracts) how to get from a mobile phone contract distributors lots – draw the winner later this year! All resellers who promote the new products and promotions of from Telekom of Germany with ELAN and full throttle, get the odds on including 3D high-end TVs, surround sound systems, the Special Edition Fiat 500 Black Jack, the brand new VW Beetle or even a grand prize a Porsche Boxster. Can present you rich Christmas and start perhaps with the Porsche Boxster and 254 HP the new year! Dedicated distribution partners with sensational prizes will be rewarded by this action. Each participant can get only a profit. Thus, guaranteed 100 distribution partners are the recipient of an award. You are new and want to win even a Porsche Boxster? No problem! If you are not registered yet, you can check is still about the different possibilities, how you can earn commissions products with the mediation of Telekom and 2400 join hour rally at the. Do not let your Chance to escape and take part in the Telecom action distributor rally! For more details, see 2400