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Very significant is the reality of the number of SMEs that have ceased to operate and which still do not have support from the State to generate technological changes, operations s favouring him and be competitive. The national Government if he had that vision of integration of forces towards its objectives, that his revolution really favoured the country towards a fair, productive socialism, could never neglecting the role of the business sector and seek the way of how to integrate it in their economic programmes, in its new foreign trade policy so that the opportunity be incorporated into new markets on the basis of bilateral alliances has been doing Have no doubt, that the final opinion that says war over this reality cannot be ignored by those who really aspire for a Venezuela free, more dynamic, operational. Integrated positively in the opportunities that modern globalization presents in favour of those countries that maintain an active, innovative industrial park in favour of the country’s economy that belong. War tells us, this is the Venezuela that closes 2008 with a mediocre behavior of its industry, the main sector according to their contribution to the generation of the gross domestic product (GDP) and with a Government that chose to sacrifice domestic production to accommodate an importing maelstrom that now stands against the national employment. The domestic industry has been destroyed and today when currencies start to dwindle, Venezuela will pay a high price for a suicidal policy that pretending to endogenous development did the opposite. Yet we are confident, that the national Government rectify their economic policies, economic advisory teams, to have productive to measure the reach, the impact generated by having programs that know how to use industrial strength and support these new openings in function make it participate, giving way to many companies to activate its operation and guarantee income for the benefit of all Venezuelans to the country. original author and source of the article.